Multipliers travel

Multiplier journeys are trips specially tailored to the needs of your customers. They are an excellent sales support and always an attractive offer to your regulars, use it!

In addition to adventure or round trips, we also offer topic-oriented trade trips:

  • Agricultural travel
  • Garden tours
  • Opera tours
  • Culinary travel
  • Cultural tours for choir groups or music groups with their own performance and / or meetings with local groups
  • Travel for rural women’s associations
  • Training camps, in particular for the sports of football, handball and badminton

… or even very special theme tours such as

  • “In the footsteps of the Olsen gang”, a journey to original locations
  • “In the footsteps of Søren Kierkegaard”, a journey through the life of the most famous Danish philosopher
  • Denmark in the sign of the two world wars
  • The time of the Vikings

Go on a “discovery tour” together with Pro Bus Scandinavia and your guests next time with us in Scandinavia!

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