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Sweden opens the senses: you will find breath-taking landscapes, lovely people and a unique nature

Sweden - rest for the soul

In the meantime, group tourism has also discovered Sweden. The short bright nights in summer allow you to enjoy nature or life in the modern vibrant cities until late into the night. If you are particularly interested in the fascinating polar lights, sure you have the best chance of seeing them. Plan your trip during the transitional periods from winter to spring and later in the year when autumn turns into winter. If you would like to go to the water, you should plan a tour to one of the many lakes or to the North or Baltic Sea. Particularly suitable are the months of July and August.

If you are not fixated on the summer and want to put together a group of winter travellers, Sweden is a really attractive destination as well.

Stockholm - the pearl of the north

Built over a dynamic archipelago and with no less than eight centuries of history and culture to choose from, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also a city of contrasts, full of history, in its architecture, in its museums and in the medieval charm of its old town. Stockholm is an eye-catcher as well, the city is undeniably beautiful – it is not only beautiful and historic, it is also modern and urban. All this your groups enjoy very close to nature. Water is a ubiquitous feature of this city, where the lakes meet the sea. Parks and green spaces are everywhere. The atmosphere is refreshingly open and inviting.

Versatile, sophisticated gastronomy

The culinary heart also experiences high pulse rates in Stockholm. A delicious and varied cuisine with modern concept restaurants is waiting for you. Stockholm has one of the best food scenes in the world, and of course everything group minded as well. The kitchen is a very creative one, based on the Scandinavian culinary tradition but also just as internationally designed and garnished with carefully selected local products. An example? The unique tradition of “Fika”. Although difficult to translate, it basically means just to meet for coffee and sweet snacks. Everywhere in Stockholm you will find cafés and pastry shops that are full of atmosphere, character and high-quality offers. All this and much more is Stockholm – enjoy the experience!

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