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Denmark - Zealand region

The Zealand region is known as Denmark’s Sun Garden and has a lot to offer, especially for groups. There we can offer a wide range of attractions and excursions for all target groups and interests!

Many components of our tours are based on long-term business relationships with our service partners and can only be booked exclusively with PRO BUS Scandinavia!
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Impressions from the Jutland region

Hotels, attractions and restaurants

Partners for Zealand


Country Side of Kopenhagen!

***Hotel Klinten, Rødvig

Hotel Klinten welcomes your groups in a dreamy and romantic location right by the sea with direct access to the hotel’s own sandy beach.
The hotel is only about 60 minutes away from the center of the capital in the idyllic town of Rødvig.
For groups who want to escape the urban hustle and bustle and instead want to experience a relaxed, cozy rural atmosphere as well as the diverse possibilities of Danish culture and nature, Hotel Klinten is simply ideal, especially since you can spend the night and feast here very price-consciously.
A total of only 58 small double rooms guarantee a family atmosphere. Some rooms have a direct sea view as well as a balcony / terrace (surcharge). Everywhere in the house you will find cozy lounges – some with a fireplace – to relax or linger and also offer enough space for groups. The garden right by the sea with some seating is just breathtaking …
Additional amenities include a modern, newly designed fitness center, billiards and bicycles, all of which are free of charge, as well as wireless Internet throughout the complex. Coffee and tea in the rooms as well as freshly brewed coffee in the facility are also available free of charge. If you want to be among yourself with your group, there is a beautiful, comfortably furnished room with many amenities such as TV, self-service bar, music, various play facilities and and and …
The restaurant is a real treat for the palate and the pride of the house. Including a panoramic view of the sea, Hotel Klinten serves your groups with culinary, home-made experiences. Originality and aesthetics are in the foreground of the always fresh raw materials, which mainly come from the area. No finished products are processed. The dishes are based on international cuisine with seasonal influences, the cuisine is altogether very varied, healthy and of course very tasty – “gode appetit”! On nice summer days, the outdoor terrace invites you to have dinner.
Experience the country side of Copenhagen with your groups in a casual, cozy atmosphere, with romantic evenings by the sea, culinary highlights and much more at the Hotel Klinten!

  • Groups from 20 people DZ/ÜF/p.P.
    Preis auf Anfrage
  • Minibar for driver AND guide
  • Daily Coffee to Freiego for driver + tour guide
  • Daily packed lunch for driver + tour guide
This hotel name requires!

Hotel Niels Juel, Køge ***

Just 5 minutes away by walk from the completely redesigned and very appealing centre and from the old charming harbour of Køge, a suburb of Copenhagen.

Name patron was the famous Danish admiral, who in a memorable naval battle defeated the Swedish in the Bay of Køge. Hotel Niels Juel is a non-smoking hotel built in a classic storehouse style. All rooms have shower / toilet, hairdryer, flat screen, telephone, Wi-Fi and a minibar. The cosy restaurant “Quintus” with marina view offers Danish as well French-inspired cuisine for every taste. Furthermore, the hotel provides a wine cellar, a bar and a fully equipped nice big party room for great parties.

The location of the hotel is an ideal starting point for trips to Copenhagen, Roskilde and all Zealand.

  • Groups from 20 people Rates on request
  • Free accommodation / meals for the driver
  • Free parking at the hotel
The largest Renaissance facility in northern Europe!

Frederiksborg Slot, Hillerød

A visit of the largest renaissance facility in Northern Europe Frederiksborg Castle is certainly a highlight on a trip to Denmark. Build in the 17th century by King Christian IV the moated castle is surrounded by a beautiful landscape park with several baroque gardens. Both the castle and the gardens are unique in their way, both naturally can be visited extensively. Frederiksborg tells and shows 500 years of Danish history portrayed with important portraits, history painting as well as arts and crafts.

The highlights of the castle include the Knight’s Hall, the Knights’ Lounge, the Castle Church, the marble gallery of the royal wing and much more. A walk through the originally reconstructed baroque gardens might not be missing, not only gardening enthusiasts get completely into raptures.

An excellently group-suitable destination of a special kind is waiting to be discovered.

  • Groups from 10 people Entrance fee: € 8,50
  • Free entry for driver and guide
  • 10% discount in the souvenir shop
The pride of the ancient Vikings - history with all senses!

Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

The history of the Danes is inseparable connected with the history of the Vikings. Therefore, a visit to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is a must during a journey to Denmark.

Experience this great highlight very close with your groups! Original Viking ships and the imposing ship collection in the museum’s own harbour are the basis of the extraordinary exhibition. The ships were all together found in 1962 on a former Vikings barrier in the Roskilde Fjord and excavated. The fund includes 5 different types of ships, including one of the largest discovered so far warships from the Viking Age, which together gives a unique impression of the shipbuilding and craftsmanship of the Vikings.

If you like you can feel like a Viking yourself, dress up and slip into the time of the old warhorse, you will have a lot of fun with the props and the replica of a Viking ship. Even sailing trips on the boats are possible. Further temporary special exhibitions round off the offer positive.

In addition, the museum provide its own Museum Island with harbour, boatyard and the “Tunet”, the gathering place of the Vikings. The museum harbour holds the big collection of traditional Scandinavian wooden boats and reconstructed Viking ships who prefers the look of the original ships 1000 years ago. The boatyard gives an impression about craft and boatbuilding culture of the Viking Age. You can visit an active shipyard and not only follow the work of the boat builder but get in action yourself by trying, feeling and smelling with all your senses. You also can lend a hand and try to beat a dew, to carve patterns in wood, to forge the glowing iron or to mint coins. Of course there is a souvenir shop and also for the culinary well-being is taken care of. Special food arrangements let a stay in this attraction become a true experience.

Combine this attraction with a visit to Roskilde cathedral, a world heritage located just a 5 min walk away from the museum.

  • Groups from 20 people Entrance fee: from € 12,50
  • Free parking
  • Free entry for driver and guide
  • Free meals for driver & guide (if booked)
Visit the Queen's impressive halls

Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Castle is one of the only functioning castles in the world that you can still visit. In the Royal Representation Hall, the Queen receives foreign kings, queens and presidents. She also receives the people in the audience, holding gala dinners and signing the country’s new laws. In the Hall of Knights you can experience 1000 years of Danish history woven into 17 colorful tapestries.

Go underground and see the medieval ruins of Absalon’s Castle an d Cope nhagen Castle . Here you can learn more about the island of Slotsholm en , which has been the center of powe r and political intrigue for over 800 years.

The Royal Party Kitchen in the castle’s basement shines with all its copper clothing. The kitchen is decorated exactly as it looked in the 1930s, when Christian 10. was king of Denmark. Join in the preparations for a royal dinner and enjoy the scent of both a roast beef tenderloin, sweet desserts and colorful floral decorations.

Meet the royal family’s beautiful white horses in the Royal Stables. Both the stables, the horses and the carriages are still in use, including the Gold Caret. You can also visit the impressive Castle Church.

  • Groups size 10 Entrance fee: € 140,-
  • Free entry for drivers
  • 10% discount in the souvenir shop

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