Handicap-free travel

Handicap-free travel in public spaces has been regulated by law in Scandinavia for years and is self-evident. Hotels must be built handicap-free and on beaches there are handicap-free entrances as well!

Scandinavia is basically very well equipped for disabled guests. In particular, Denmark is a leader in this field throughout Europe! All public buildings and all tourist attractions are designed for disabled as well. This has been a legal requirement in Denmark for years and a matter of course. An exception here are only tourist attractions which can’t be prepared due to their design such as a lighthouse. Even in the hotel industry, handicap-free construction is required. There are even handicap-free accesses to beaches and even into the water! The region of West Jutland in Denmark offers you and your rice groups the best conditions for a carefree as well as handicap-free stay!

Most of our partners are wheelchair accessible, so there is nothing to stop travellers with disabilities.

Just ask us for an offer for your special groups, we at Pro Bus Scandinavia will be happy to help you!

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