Oslo – the green and countryside city

Between the beautiful Oslo fjord and charming forests lies the Norwegian capital, which is well prepared for group visits. Oslo combines the urban life with the fresh air and nature in a fascinating way. Your visitors will experience an exciting mix of old and new architecture, traditional and international cuisine as well as world-famous museums and attractions. In the city nature is always present. The Oslo fjord invites you to relax or hop on the islands and the forest areas in the city and its surroundings invite you to linger. All this can easily be combined with the pulsating life of the big city.

Cultural events around music, dance and theatre

Group-friendly entertainment with a guaranteed experience is available in Oslo all year round. Certainly, a highlight is the fantastic opera house with opera and ballet performances on world level, another the Oslo concert hall, home of the famous orchestra “Oslo Philharmonic”.

Culinary highlights and group-suitable gastronomy

Culinary Oslo is a true culinary experience. In addition to the international cuisine, local specialties are waiting for your groups as well. Maritimes is in many mouths, other Norwegian delicacies such as mutton, moose and reindeer are to find also on the menu. The well-known trendy neighbourhood “Aker Brygge”, and the newest neighbourhood “Tjuvholmen”, offer attractive dining for groups and are especially popular in summer.

Oslo is very easy to explore by foot

Many of Oslo’s attractions are worth a visit, and you always learn a lot about the city and the region. Most attractions are within walking distance of each other in the compact city centre, the famous museums on the peninsula “Bygdøy” are also within easy reach. Oslo is characterized by a fascinating architecture. The many open and green spaces of the city are exceptionally beautiful. Oslo is home to several galleries and numerous art installations. A must for all art lovers is the new Astrup Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art. This building shows, on behalf of the whole of Oslo, the massive changes that are currently taking place in architecture. Norway is truly overwhelming: its impressive nature captivates and lingers on for a long time.

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